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Digital accounting

Why Xero?

Xero is described as ‘Beautiful Accounting Software’ and we couldn’t agree more! Whether your office is your living room, a dedicated office space, or your local coffee shop, Xero really is the right fit for everyone.

Why use Xero accounting software?

  • Xero is ‘on the cloud’. This means that you can access it wherever you are, provided you can access the internet. Even better, we can access it at the same time as you without needing to worry about backups and version control. If you have a problem with a bookkeeping entry, just contact us and we can sort it out
  • The Xero accounting system takes its information direct from your online banking. This means that you can never make a mistake typing the numbers in! It saves bucket loads of time and is much more accurate
  • Xero can easily be kept right up to date. By uploading your bank information every day, you can see exactly where you are financially whenever you want. You can make informed business decisions rather than relying on historic accounts or gut feeling
  • Xero online accounting can be used ‘on the go’ with the easy-to-use Xero App. You can be on the train and sending out sales invoices to your customers. No more waiting to get back in the office
  • Xero helps to reduce the paper trail! When used in conjunction with Receipt Bank, purchase invoices and receipts and be scanned in and attached electronically to your Xero entries
  • Xero is designed to make life easier. By setting up ‘rules’ within the software, Xero will automatically allocate items to the correct analysis code. It will know that ‘Aviva’ is insurance and post it there for you! It will see that a bank receipt is an exact match for a sales invoice and ask you to confirm that it is correct
  • Xero is designed to help with debt collection. You can automate the sending of statements and really keep on to of money that is owed to you. Invoices and statements can easily be sent by email – reducing the time and cost of postage!
  • The Xero accounting system integrates with hundreds of Apps – from CRM systems to Stock Management. There is an endless list of digital solutions available to help you

Xero at Kirkwood Wilson

We could go on and on about why you should use Xero accounting software, but we really would prefer to speak to you in person. So, if you’re interested in a chat about whether Xero online accounting is for you, please call 01704 546000 or email.