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Your 7 step guide to Auto Enrolment

Retirement saving is an important issue, especially as the law has changed and is now very much in force in the UK. People are living longer and need more money in retirement, it really is that simple. Millions of us not are not saving any money at all, let alone putting money away for our retirement, and that’s exactly why automatic enrolment was introduced. Find out more about auto enrolment, and what you need to do as an employer.Read More

Xero the new hero

Most businesses often start out using Excel spreadsheets and then make what has always been seen, and understood, as the “natural progression” to Sage, but why follow the crowd? This blog explores why you should be using Xero and outlines the pro’s and con’s of using the more traditional accounting software packages, and why you really should consider getting your head in ‘the cloud’.

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