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Advice on how to change accountants

Is it time to change your accountant?

We humans are creatures of habit. We love routine and we positively hate change. We’ll stay with the same bank for years, even if they’ve fallen behind with their customer service. We’ll hang on to a favourite sweater, or a much-loved car, all for the sake of sentimentality. It’s an outlook that also extends to our trusty accountant. But, with the financial health of your business at stake, Kirkwood Wilson Accountants wonder if your current choice of accountant really adds up?

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Cloud accounting with Kirkwood Wilson

More than just bean counters; the changing role of the accountant

Traditionally, when asked what service an accountant provided to a client, it probably wouldn’t surprise you to hear “well, they tell me how much profit I have made this year”. To some extent, whilst the overall ethos for an accountant remains to process the year end and give some sort of idea as to how you as a business are performing, the evolution of the expectations of clients has in turn led to a transformation in how we as accountants distinguish ourselves from the rest of the pack. So how are we changing?

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